Whimsical castles with giant eyes that peer through lasers, intricate woven shade structures with recycled fabrics
that twirl with colours and mirrors in the wind. Whatever custom made structure or theme you need, Glitzern Grime
brings your creative, innovative and texturally cohesive visions to life.

A Melbourne based collective, Glitzern Grime are both industry rebels and highly skilled designers, artists,
carpenters, lighting technicians and costumiers. They work closely with their extensive creative community
and corporate clients to bridge artistic visions with reality and make huge THINGS and whole sensory
environments for you to enjoy.

From stages at the major music festivals to community activations and events, they create festival stages,
decor, installation, shade structures, retail activations and costume/performance to inspire peoples imaginations, with innovative
designs that are both unique and captivating.

Using a range of new and reclaimed materials, they combine timber facades and structures with minute
attention to detail, with their works appearing at Global Eclipse Gathering (USA),  Rainbow Serpent Festival, 
Let The Eat Cake, Novel and Subsonic in Sydney. Watch out for their kooky, magical and beautiful designs at
​an event near you soon.



Our creative kooky collection of costumes can be anything from living art giant puppets to our internal costumer fashion collection. Incorporating our highly talented performance team Glitzern Grime can construct a marvellous and bizarre performance for your next event.
  1. Perfect Fashion Show
    Perfect Fashion Show
  2. Opulence Fashion Show
    Opulence Fashion Show
  3. Opulence Fashion Show
    Opulence Fashion Show
  4. Title 7
    Title 7
  5. Title 14
    Title 14


We create custom props to suit your specific needs for your event, show, shoot or shop. Within our in house team we can create specific props for you production needs. Specialising in party décor we can create a remarkable space for your next celebration.
  1. Title 7
    Title 7


Incorporating all our talents and trades Glitzern Grime can construct your next event to be a spectacular visual delight. Working closely with our industry specialist we can provide an original fun concepts to add a mind blowing environment for your next event.
  1. Title 5
    Title 5